Travel Angle: Smartphone Monopod – Must have Travel Accessory

Travel alone or in a group, get shot smartly!

Monopod for Smartphone

I always found it difficult to take selfies with a mobile, specially while traveling! Either the whole of the space in a photo gets covered with my head alone or there will be only a cropped portion of my face and a small useless portion of the beautiful landscape or a monument behind me. Moreover, when two of us are traveling together, it’s almost impossible to get both of us in the picture at once.

However, with the recently bought Smartphone/Digital Camera Selfie Stick, I could take amazing selfies without the need of asking anyone else to click our pictures. Now we can both come in a selfie and still have enough space for covering the background. Even if we are in a group of 5-10, no one needs to sacrifice and remain out of the picture just for clicking one. This has become a really good travel companion, in just a month.

Monopod for Smartphone and Digital Camera

To list down some of the situations where I find it useful:

Traveling ALONE? It’s OK!
No worries if someone is not around to take your picture! Now you can capture a moment when you like and still be in it.

Want to capture a moment with your loved one and don’t want anyone around to capture it? You have got the right product.
Just be crazy, be creative and fun with this stylish Smartphone Selfie Stick!

Traveling TOGETHER?
Never miss anybody in the picture ! Be it your loved one, your family member or your friends.

Wanna capture someone on the other side of the crowd?
If you are a journalist and struggle to capture people surrounded by crowd. This smartphone monopod can get really handy.

Wanna capture a video?

It allows you to capture motion in a really smooth way and enables you to take videos from different angles. If you want to take a video from the road level while sitting in a car or from a high level while riding on a bike, it can do wonders.

There are ‘n’ number of other situations where it can be really useful. Once you start using, you will realize new ways of using it every now and then.


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