Experience Now – The Destination May Not be as Good as it is this Moment

A walk on the wavering suspension bridge, the blue water flowing beneath, white sand, and the out of this world landscape – however, my focus was only on reaching to the other side. I was hoping that I would find even more magical landscape on the other side. The other side, however, turned out to be disappointing with nothing much to see and do.

I thought, let me get back and enjoy the experience on the bridge only. The sun had suddenly become merciless, the wind had stopped and there were a lot of people waiting to cross the bridge now.

Phunakha Suspension Bridge

What’s beautiful now, may not be after a while
What’s not in focus now can be an invaluable treasure
So, why search for diamonds elsewhere
When they can be under your feet!


Nature Park

Indroda nature park is situated about 1 km from Infocity, Gandhinagar. I often visit this place, mostly early mornings, to cheer myself up and to spend some time with nature. Greenery of the nature is like a nymph which gets over your mind and irrespective of your age you start feeling young again. The red pink and yellow flowers, green leaves, jumping monkeys and running blue bulls will make you feel alive and may be jump on your feet.

Green trees planted along the road make you feel as if they are walking along with you. The combination of greenery and wildlife is a gift of nature available so close to my residence. I am feeling ignorant by knowing and still not going there everyday for a morning walk. While entering the park, I saw a monkey relaxing on the branch of a tree. I liked his cool style and the immediate thought that came to my mind was even I should take sometime off from the work and relax like him, at least sometimes. It looked as if he was a monkey monk, different from others of his kind – who are often found jumping, hanging on a branch of tree effortlessly, not interested in any of the worldly things, not worrying or thinking about anything, but just having some good time.To capture this moment was difficult. Every time I tried, he got up and posed like a model, well aware of that fact that someone is taking his picture. The poor fellow couldn’t understand what I was looking for. But finally, I got it.

A muster of peacocks could be easily seen inside the park. Even the fan formation of feathers could also be easily spotted. However, what is rare is, finding a Peahen and a Peacock sitting together and on top of it, two beautiful birds kissing each other. I was lucky that I had a chance to capture a special moment wherein the symbol of beauty grace and love was himself in a romantic mood.

I have never found a Peahen so beautiful, but she really looked pretty with the peacock.  A morning walk at Indroda Nature Park or any other similar place can give you an amazing experience. Keep walking with nature and cherish its beauty.

My recommendation: You must go to this place every morning if you live in Gandhinagar. Or if you want to see some places and are a nature lover, please do visit this place.