International Travel Checklist – Backpack Essentials – My Travel Packing Checklist for Thailand

I have been traveling frequently since last few years and over these years, I have become more organized in terms of my travel. Having a ready checklist helps a lot and so I thought of sharing my latest one.


Following is the International Travel  Checklist that I had prepared specifically for Thailand (My 2015 Vacation Checklist) but with small modifications list remains equally applicable for other destinations too. This one isn’t very extensive, but I think it does cover what’s essential for a trip.

Travel Packing List

Depending on whether you are traveling to beaches or mainland or both, you may modify your list.

Packing Tips

  • Pack T-shirts as 6-inch Military Rolls – to ensure minimal wrinkles and ease of fetching the right one when required

Artboard 1

  • Use Grid-it Travel Organizer for Organizing the gadgets – well organized and easy to access – no tangled cables and scratched gadgets

Grid it

  • Pack all liquid or gel like items in small 100ml travel bottles, ensuring the total liquid doesn’t exceed more than a litre
  • Use a Passport Wallet to organize passport, tickets, passport photos and currencies – becomes quite handy during immigration, check-ins at hotels, interaction with tour operators and when need to fetch currency
  • Pack at least a full length bottom and a top that will cover your elbow  – in case you plan on visiting some religious places. Many of the places have specific requirements.
  • Pack medical supplies depending on your medical condition; everyone should keep and at least a basic first aid kit – you never know when you might need one.

Thimphu – The Modernized Valley of Bhutan

Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan, is a place to indulge in the city life of a modernized kingdom. The life in the valley gives you an opportunity to experience the magical old-world charm and the modern amenities, both at the same time. The city offers excellent varieties of local and international cuisines for the food lovers, remarkable architecture for the eyes of those seeking beauty and museums and serene landscape for those willing to explore the culture. We spent quite a few days in Thimphu and saw almost all major points of interest at our own pace, without the help of any tour guide or travel agent. In our opinion, some of the best things to do in Thimphu are:

Tashichho Dzong

The most prominent structure in Thimphu is Tashichho Dzong or Thimphu Dzong.

Thimphu Dzong, Bhutan

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Travel Angle: Why Should I Travel?

Student Travel or Dream Travel

Those who are still wondering why they should be traveling (many students who dream of traveling but can’t figure out the reason why they should be) need to stop thinking, as there are hundreds of logical reasons and even many more stupid reasons as to why they should travel.

There are many different rationales behind ‘why should you travel’. Some of these are:

  • Travel changes your personality and makes you a better person
  • Travel gives you an opportunity to see what’s happening around the world and gives you brilliant business ideas
  • Travel just because it can give you happiness
  • Travel for adventure, for networking or for getting lost
  • Travel for tasting variety of food and drinks if you are a foodie

The list can just go on. However, the silliest and the funniest one that came to me is – even the Mango is traveling the world. So, why shouldn’t I?

How to Reach Bhutan from India?

How to Reach Bhutan (Phuentsholing) from India (for Indian Travelers)?

Indians enjoy special privileges in Bhutan and it becomes evident from the ‘entry policy of Bhutan for Indians’ itself. We can enter into Bhutan even without a passport; just by showing the voter’s ID card. Continue reading

The Magical Heritage of Hampi

Being such an immense country with hundreds, if not thousands of amazing places to see, there are also many sites that few people think of exploring in India. One of these places is the magnificent temple complex of Hampi, once the capital of a powerful and rich empire.

Hampi bird's eye view 1

Today, set in an unbelievable landscape filled with millions of boulders and stretching for miles in each direction, Hampi is more famous outside India than for its own people. The splendid temples and structures of the old capital rise from the rocky surface, attesting to the splendor of the old Vijayanagara Empire and creating one of the most beautiful and inspiring places to visit in India, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To experience the true grandeur and importance of this site, visitors should definitely spend several days exploring the ruins and the surrounding area, which is also spectacular.

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Choosing a right accommodation for your travel

Choosing a right accommodation takes a hell lot of time when you are planning a trip. Lucky are those who can just walk-in and stay at the cheapest available places (Hotels, motels, B&B or Hostels). However, there are people who are not as lucky and need to consider many factors before making a choice. They may be tight on budget but still wouldn’t care spending few extra bucks for a safe and comfortable stay and more importantly they want to make sure that they get a good value for their money. So how do we strike a balance? How do we get a hotel that is safe, comfortable, at a location of our choice and most importantly within our budget.

Choose a Right Accommodation or Motel

Here is the strategy that I use to identify the best accommodation for us (My wife and me):

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Six things you must do in Munnar

Tea Plantations are the Soul of Munnar and they make it one of the most romantic, dramatic and natural places in the country. However, be aware that living in tea plantations is extremely dangerous and may have many repercussions. You might never like to return to your normal life. Even if you do, you will feel like you left your soul behind. You may feel hollow from within, but saturated with Green. Strange Feeling! Isn’t it?

A glimps of Munnar's Tea Plantations

A glimpse of Munnar’s Tea Plantations


Tea is not only a drink, it is a living for some, lifestyle for others and scenic beauty for travelers like us. Many of us may be addicted to tea. Some of us may need a cup even to come out of bed and some might just die without it. I am also one such addict. However, these days my addiction is not only of drinking tea but of living in the tea plantations, riding or walking through them to the hill tops, only to realize that the tea looks more beautiful than it tastes.

View of Munnar's Tea Plantation from Photo Point

View of Munnar’s Tea Plantation from Photo Point


Munnar is a place you should go to if you can see the 100 similar looking costumes and still appreciate the nuances and enjoy looking at the costumes. There are tea plantations everywhere and after a while you might feel it is all the same. You enjoy it if you love to spend time in it, walk through it and want to see it over and over again. If you think you can do that, you will fall in love with the place immediately.

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