Getting a Malaysia Tourist e Visa Online in 24 Hours – Fees & Requirements For Indian Citizens 

Getting a Malaysian visa turned out to be way easier than we initially thought – we completed a 20 days long trip to Malaysia this month itself (Feb 2017), and are very satisfied with the e Visa for Malaysia service.

Malaysia Visa for Indians

The idea of going through any agent always makes us little uncomfortable, however, once we found that a Single entry e-Visa for Malaysia could be obtained through a direct online portal operated by Malaysian Embassy, we were quite relaxed.

The e-Visa facility for Indians is available through a portal called WINDOW MALAYSIA, and the fact that they have quite an easy process makes it very encouraging. In most cases, e-Visa is issued within 24 hours, however, in certain situations, it might take up to 48 hours. Therefore, I would recommend that you start the process at least 1 week in advance to have enough margin to accommodate any last moment goof ups.

Visa for Malaysia for Indians - Without any Agent - Directly through Malaysian Embassy

The e-Visa is issued for a period of 30 days, and is valid for 3 months – which I think is good enough for most tourists.

Requirements for e-Visa 

  1. Scanned Copy of Passport
  2. Return flight tickets
  3. Passport Size Photo – their system is very particular about the specifications of passport photo – so try your best to adhere to the specifications
  4. Accommodation Bookings – optional

e-Visa Fees

Indians need to pay 25$ as Visa fee and Rs. 1050/- as convenience charge – not sure if it was called convenience charge or something else.

Note: If the address on your passport and the current address filled by you in the form do not match, the processing team might ask you to submit another document as a proof of your current residence.

Also, if you need multiple entry visa, you will have to go through a different channel.

Once it gets processed successfully, you will get an email notification. Subsequently, you can just go to the window Malaysia website, login to your account, and take a printout of your e-Visa – as simple as that!