Have you ever met a traveler who doesn’t enjoy food?

I have only met travelers who are crazy food lovers and would spend a lot of their time in exploring the food of the place they visit.

Our Exotic meal for the Saturday Afternoon – packed with green vegetables and some unhealthy Manchurian for the health Junkies


Nandi Hills – Bangalore’s Hill Station

Information & Recommendations 

  1. It’s advisable to leave early morning, around 5 am, so that you are there before sunrise – considered to be a beautiful sight.
  2. The place is full of monkeys, so it’s better not to carry any food item with you .
  3. KSRTC’s restaurant is nice place for a good breakfast and a cup of tea.
  4. Grover’s Vineyard is close-by. You may consider going for a wine tour which will cost approximately 1000/- per person, only if you are too keen on knowing about. They basically provide information which is available on internet and you get to see only some big containers and pipes and also you get to taste some varieties of wines.
  5. Do stop by near grape plantations on the way, while returning. It’s worth learning how grapes are grown. Moreover, the plantation also looks beautiful.

It is the closest hill station from Bangalore which boasts good weather and scenic beauty. When we  were somwhere within 10 kms of Nandi hills, the surrounding gradually  became all misty and the roads curvy.  The curves were not as sharp as those we see on the way to Ooty. However, they definitely reminded us of that route. The route is green  and has number of small hills on the way. We left early, around 5:30 pm, as we wanted to see the sunrise. However, the sun rose a little before we could make it to the top of the hill. But I believe we were lucky as we could see the sun rising when we were at the base of the hill,  and even that made us happy.  I hated the misty weather as it wasn’t favorable for capturing sharp photographs and  it was also resulting in poor visibility.

Sunrise from the hill base

Sunrise from the hill base

I was shocked to see people on their way back from Nandi hills at 7:00 am in the morning. I was wondering how early they would have come. As we went uphill I was even more appalled to see huge crowd at 7:00 am in the morning. The parking lot was full with bikes and people were enjoying the chilly weather.

Nandi Hills Blog 5

Nandi Hills Blog 6

We could see monkeys all around – the real monkeys. Lol! You like it for a while but then they become scary, especially when you are carrying some food with you. They will attack you, jump on you, and will try to snatch food from you. You can get slapped too. So try not to carry any food item with you. KSTDC’s restaurant is there to help you with your hunger. We could easily get a cup of hot tea and breakfast from their restaurant which was very much the need of the moment in that chilly weather.

Nandi Hills Blog 8

There were also few beautiful birds which could be spotted while taking a walk around the hill.

Nandi Hills Blog 4

You can’t expect much from this place. This place offers only a little better than mediocre view of the city and good weather and that too only for early morning hours.

Nandi Hills Blog 7

Nandi Hills Blog 9

It became really hot around 11:30 am and we found it really difficult to walk around. It would have been wonderful if there were some sports or adventurous activities there. We wanted to do paragliding but we were told that this activity is available only on Sundays or only when you book in advance. So you might like to make a booking before going there.